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Dr. Mees has a great demeanor and gives every patient the attention they deserve. Her office is open and inviting and has plenty of space for multiple patients. I am grateful she was able to squeeze me in for a first appointment and I will definitely be back. I highly recommend Dr. Mees for your chiropractic care.


After having several appointments with Dr. Mees I no longer have any lower back pain and my neck mobility is much better. She was able to adjust my wrist after a dislocation and made it feel much better. She’s good about figuring out where the pain is coming from and asks a lot of questions to determine what action to take. I tell her where I’m hurting and she will find the cause and fix it. I can confidently recommend Dr. Mees to anyone.


Dr. Mees goes above and beyond to make sure she understands what my body needs each time I go in and always works a miracle it seems.  I had a migraine starting one day I already had an appointment scheduled, and she literally made it go away with her adjustment.  It’s like that on every visit.  She always asks where I’m having any issues, she listens, asks questions, and then addresses those issues right away.  She’s very thorough, professional and personable.


A friend referred me to Dr. Mees and I’m so thankful I followed through. I could barely walk two weeks ago. A locked up hip was affecting every other part of me from my neck to my ankle. I was in so much pain all the time I couldn’t even turn over in my sleep. After four visits I’ve seen significant improvement! Dr. Mees asks a lot of questions and takes a lot of notes. She has a tool or equipment for everything. She explains step by step what she’s doing during her adjustment, and you have her undivided attention during your visit. Her services are very reasonably priced and explained well. No high pressure to financially commit to a long term treatment plan. I always leave feeling like she really had my best interest at heart!


I’ve seen significant improvement in my neck mobility, and shoulder pain, since visiting Dr. Mees.  I appreciate her thoroughness during my appointments and I always feel better after.  If you are looking for a chiropractor that has your best interest and health in mind, I highly recommend Dr. Mees.


Dr. Mees does a great job listening to her patient’s feedback. I have benefited from adjustments for the last 10 years and prefer a certain technique when receiving a neck adjustment. Dr. Mees asked me a few questions and changed the technique she used in prior visits and I absolutely loved the results.